About Us

In 2010 Oliver Booth came across an ancient traditional Pembrokeshire Pasty recipe and was inspired to create it to see what it was like. Having lived in Pembrokeshire all his life he was surprised by the fact that he had never come across this unique product and after some research discovered that no one within Pembrokeshire was making, selling or eating Pembrokeshire Pasties!

That was enough motivation for him to form the Pembrokeshire Pasty & Pie Co which opened the doors of its first shop on St Davids day 2010. The company has since had a visit from Prince Charles, a ‘Best New Product’ award, and a Gold Star from the Great Taste judges for its handmade Sausage Rolls.

Our Goal
The Pembrokeshire Pasty & Pie Co’s goals are quite simple – “ we hand make pasties and pies, on the farm, using the best Pembrokeshire produce we can find…….” Using local produce where possible, and supporting local farmers, we promise to bring you the freshest farm ingredients and the most sensational flavours combined to give you the best pasties & pies that Pembrokeshire has to offer.

Our Team
Oliver Booth
A local Tenby businessman and having grown up in the area, Oliver has always been passionate about Pembrokeshire and its produce. When he discovered that there was an ancient recipe for Pembrokeshire’s own pasty he was disappointed to find that he couldn’t buy one anywhere. As a result of this, he decided to resurrect the traditional recipe and Pembrokeshire Pasty & Pie Co. was born.

Dominic Spencer Churchill
London based businessman Dominic has been a close friend of Oliver’s since school. When Oliver informed him of his ambition for Pembrokeshire Pasty & Pie Co., Dominic was so excited by this unique venture he joined the company as a Director.